3D origami how to make a vase modular origami tutorial

Video description

Showing how to make vase 3D origami.

Cute origami vase of triangular pieces (modules). You can put your hand made flowers in a vase (cornflower or chamomile).

We need:

296 white, 100 purple, 100 yellow and 140 green triangular pieces.

How to make triangular pieces for 3d origami see here.

From the white pieces do two first closed rows: of 25 pieces each

Third row also 25 pieces

4th row: 20 pieces. skipping two corner every pieces 4.

5th row 3 pieces

6th row - 2 pieces

7th - 1 piece.

then doing so

Dress Up three corner in the piece!

Dress Up three corner in the piece!

possibly all parts glue colorless glue

That's it! Now you know how to make a vase of origami pieces. If you are going to use this vase for other flowers, for example, you can make chamomile, cornflower, or a lily in the technique of modular origami, do larger modules. For exampl , normal A4 sheet 21 divide the blank, one side of the seven portions and the short side of the sheet - into three parts. To use the pieces lilies need even larger.

Fill vase of flowers:

How to make origami camomile of the pieces

How to make origami tulip of the pieces

How to make origami cornflower of the pieces

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